Environmental protection
Environmental protection

Environmental protection

In business, we are guided by values that have a positive impact on environmental protection, and we believe in the sustainable development of tourism. Accordingly, over the years we have been constantly adapting business processes to modern standards, with special emphasis on ecology.

Our contributions to sustainable business are implemented in several phases, and are expressed through the following items:


We procure electricity from 100% renewable sources, and a 28kW solar power plant has also been installed on the building, which enables the direct conversion of solar energy into electricity. The power plant is networked in the system of the entire facility, in order to enable even distribution and maximum utilization of the produced energy. Excess energy is returned to the grid and purchased by the electricity distributor.


In order to reduce the temperature losses of the building, ie. maintaing the temperature inside the building regardless of external conditions and factors, and achieve energy savings through reduced need to use the heating and cooling system:

All window openings are equipped with energy-efficient carpentry and special glass.
The facade of the building is made in accordance with modern standards, and provides excellent thermal insulation.


During the renovation of the hotel, we began the installation of lighting fixtures that use LED technology and timers for maximum savings.


Extremely environmentally friendly, and therefore ideal for sensitive areas and especially for allergy sufferers: ecological interior paints are produced exclusively from raw materials that save resources and do not contain preservatives.


Faucets and showers with special fittings have been installed in the bathrooms,which save water by mixing it with air and thus reducing the water consumption. Special toilet cisterns are limited to 3l and 6l per discharge, which further saves water.


In order to reduce the consumption of water and detergents, we change the bed linen in the rooms every 3 days (or more often at the request of the guest).


We ask our guests to change towels only when necessary. They are encouraged by the inscriptions in their bathrooms which encourage them not to put clean towels on the floor, but only those that need replacing.


There are mixed waste bins in the rooms that are emptied during the daily cleaning of the rooms.
There are baskets for paper, plastic and glass on each floor of the hotel.
At the reception it is possible to sort other types of waste such as: printer cartridges, batteries, light bulbs, etc.
Bio waste from the restaurant is composted.


To prevent energy waste, our rooms are equipped with a system that interrupts the power supply when you remove the room card from the storage compartment. Nevertheless, the welcome light and the minibar continue to operate, and heating or cooling will take place uninterrupted. If the doors and / or windows in the room open, heating or cooling will be paused.

Of course, that’s just one part of our mission, and change doesn’t stop there. We are constantly striving to educate our employees and guests so that they themselves are the bearers of positive changes in society.

At the end of their stay, we also ask all guests to fill out a questionnaire on satisfaction with the service received, and our efforts in the field of environmental protection, because the feedback allows us to identify and eliminate possible shortcomings. Thank you!


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